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Farmers Registrations
Maximum upload size: 1MB
Type of Ownership
For Non-Nigerian) Are you willing to replicate your farming activities in your country if supported? (Please Indicated Yes or No Please give reason if your answer is No
Products Sales: Are you willing to Sell your farm product(s) at little lower price as against market prevailing rates after being supported? (Please indicate Yes or No)
Choice of Farm Product Sales: Are you willing to sell to your sponsors or designated buyers, at a market prevailing rate (please indicate Yes or No. and give reason if your answer is No.
Marital Status
Are you having any outstanding loan from commercial bank of cooperative Society? Yes or No
Has your Farm produce being used as collateral? Yes or No
Do you require/need modern farming equipment/threshers for grains i.e rice, beans soybean, maize etc? Please indicate Yes or No
Do you require or need modern farming technology i.e Irrigation, farm mechanization i.e. Tractors, Harvesters etc Yes or No
Are you ready for free Training in modern farming methods and Practice? Please indicate yes or No
Are your willing to form cooperative Society or Farmer’s Cluster Units under the umbrella of Humanitarian Ecogreen Foundation & Castor & Allied Products Farmers’ Association of Nigeria> Yes or No,

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