Odour Control

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Odour Control

Incorporated in the ductwork that serves the EFW waste processor is an odour control system that is capable of neutralising any unpleasant smells resulting from the process.

By combining ultraviolet light with titanium we create ozone, we then convert the ozone back to oxygen, this process ensures that offensive odours are eliminated from the process and that any airborne compounds are greatly reduced.

The odour control unit comprises two separate chambers each containing UV lamps producing ultraviolet light at different frequencies.

Air enters the first chamber and passes through a series of blades which turbulent the air whilst exposing it to ultraviolet light at 184nm.   As the odour is removed much of the ozone and hydroxyl radicals are consumed.

Any ‘carry-over ‘of ozone is then passed through to the second chamber where it is exposed to ultraviolet radiation at 254nm. This has the effect of breaking down   the ozone into single oxygen atoms reverting it back to oxygen

Once the above process has been completed, any air expelled from the EFW waste processor can be safely discharged into the atmosphere

...Imagine creating energy from waste.